The Vandermarlière Marble mason’s workshop uses both traditional and modern techniques to fashion its products.

Thanks to the creativity of its design office, the Vandermarlière Marble mason’s workshop has created many innovative new letter styles and developed complex technical solutions for engraving monuments and creating unique pieces within tight ergonomic, technical and artistic constraints.

The company also works in the fields of restoring, maintaining and recreating antiques for cabinet makers and antique dealers. Vandermarlière Marble mason’s workshop also has a retail outlet and a showroom.

We are often contracted or sub-contracted to perform engraving and inlaying work for large marble-cutting companies, we also create individual pieces for artists, designers and architects.

The knowledge acquired by the company and its employees, as well as the spirit with which we design our creations, led us to be recognised as a Living Heritage Company in 2008, a prestigious national label which we still hold. The Vandermarlière Marble mason’s workshop was also awarded the Mercure d’Or prize for Craftsmanship in 2007.