Our marble cutting and stone-working shop assists designers in designing original furniture pieces. What’s more, we also create furniture items of all sizes ourselves which fit perfectly in both “traditional” and “contemporary” surroundings. They can also be combined with complementary materials such as wood, leather, glass, iron and stainless steel... The pieces shown on this page were made in our workshop. We can make anything if you give us your plans and measurements.

  • Blue stone table

    Blue stone kitchen furnitures

  • Mobilier

    Reconstruction and filling of base of clock

  • Statuette on polished blue stone pedestal

  • Mobilier socle

    White stone pedestal for statue

  • Mobilier table basse

    Coffe table with stone Soignies legs and granite tray

  • Mobilier trophée

    Engraved white stone trophy for Journées du Développement Durable

  • Mobilier table ronde

    Round table with polished granite on stainless steel legs